The Wellspring Story...

At Wellspring, we're family and we value relationships. We know the joy of gift-giving and get excited when we find a new product that makes us say, 'wow'.  We focus on products that you can use to stay organized, that customize your life according to your style and that remind you that life is an adventure. For inspiration, we travel to world markets for innovative ideas. We love brainstorming new products and how we can improve on what we currently offer. We look for unique gifts that get noticed.  It is important to us that our products are functional and good quality and that when you see them you say, ‘I've never seen that before’!

Many know us by the Red Geranium Story. As the story goes, in 1980 Joanne van Roden wrote her first recipe book - Favorite Seafood Recipes, loaded up the station wagon and hit gift shops along the east coast. When there was an order to ship, Joanne would put a red geranium in the window to signal to the delivery truck to stop and pick up.

Today, still family-owned, we are in Lancaster, PA and have evolved from recipe books to notetaking and activity products. For us, it's all about clean and functional design.  Our customers know us for our bestselling Flip Notes and Magnetic List Pads. Notetaking on paper or on screen, we develop products to capture your thoughts and keep you organized.

We love to hear from customers about how we're doing, let us know how we can bring your adventure to our products!